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Leaving the Land of Rivers for the Land of Little Rain

alec vanderboom

"After Abraham arrives in Haran, God suddenly speaks to him, saying, "Go forth from your native land and from your father's house to the land that I will show you." This is remarkable request on God's part. He asks Abraham to leave everything that he knows but doesn't even tell Abraham where he is going.

So what does God promise in return? He promises that if Abraham goes on this journey, then he will give him what Abraham most wants; a child. What's more, he promises to make Abraham a "great nation" and to bless all the families of the earth through him. THis is one of the most important moments of human history: God offers Abraham the chance to be his partner.

. . . "What is remarkable about what Abraham did is that he leaves the land of rivers, the land of water, Mesopotamia. In the Promised Land-down in Israel, where God tells Abraham to go-there are no rivers. There is little rain. But Abraham no longer needs the water. He has God.The message is clear; If we believe in God, we will be rewarded."

Feiler, Bruce, "Walking the Bible" pgs 38-39.

In this book, a Jewish author decides to tour the importance places of the Old Testament on foot. His reflections are unique and memorable.

The image of Abraham leaving "a land of rivers for a land with little rain" really touched me.

In my faith journey I've left the "known" for the unknown land with little rain in so many things-- my embrace of poverty, homeschooling, stay at home motherhood, and Catholicism in general.

The more I'm willing to let go of the typical American dream of a big career, nice cars, solid retirement accounts, and plenty of "me time" --the more I'm following God into the Promised Land. It's a little scary out here, but I know for certain in the marrow of my bones that the One True God is holding my hand.

Father Abraham, pray for us! Help us to better model you!