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What Scripture Passage Helped You Through A Rough Time?

alec vanderboom

Yesterday, I chatted with another Carmelite Mom whose darling baby Joey is a fellow "Dr. Bear Kid" (read National Children's Hospital Patient) with Baby Tess. Kate told me that she had a post in mind to write about the Scripture passages that came to mind to help her during Joey's many, many heart surgeries. (Can't wait to read it, Kate!)

Then I just read Danya's wonderful comment about how a specific Scripture passage helped her trust during the difficult days of an adoption procedure.

Same thing happened to me many times during Tessy's illness!

So my basic question for all of you readers is this.

We know that Jesus is the WORD of God. What if he manifests himself to us in times of trouble as a specific Scripture passage? In other words, in time of doubt I could picture Jesus giving me a warm hug when I close my eyes to pray in the surgery waiting room of Children's Hospital. If I'm also open to the Holy Spirit, however, my warm "hug" could also be suddenly remembering a specific Scripture passage that helps me maintain trust in the Lord during a scary situation.

Jesus is the "The Way, The Truth and The Life". Scripture then isn't some "generic" good for you advice from the Bible that we Christians get an A+ for memorizing. Scripture is more like specific trail head markers for our individual path up to heaven.

When you are in real trouble, the Scripture that you've heard years before in church or in the Divine Office, can sort of rise up in the forefront of your mind, smack you in the head, and lead you out of danger and onto the path perfect safety.

Does that experience resonate with anyone else?

If that is the case "meditating on the Word, day and night" isn't this impossible standard for the Monks on Mount Carmel. Reading Sacred Scripture often is also important for us basic, normal Catholics as we stumble through this amazing, unpredictible faith journey called "Life".

Homework: Write a post about "What Scripture Passage Helped You Through A Rough Patch" and link in the comments so we can all marvel at the beauty and wisdom of God!