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All Joy And No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenting Book Review

alec vanderboom

Just finished reading this book review in my Sunday Washington Post.


Parenting is described as no fun?

 I hate to be the girl who talks about sex on a Sunday morning, but this author's smug attitude sort of reminded me of a time when a relatively unknown Mom at my kid's sporting event recounted her busy schedule and then said "and sex is just another chore."

She rolled her eyes and assumed I was automatically going to agree with her!

I stayed silent at the time out of insecurity and shyness. Yet what I wanted to say outloud is "Lady, if sex is just another chore in your life, then there's something wrong!"

If the bleachers in the gym were filled with my friends, instead other random strangers, I'd be backed up in this notion that if marriage and good sex aren't easily linking  up together, than something is off. One of my Catholic blogger friends would say "Check your Thyroid." Another would say "Did you know that medical doctors didn't fully map out the nerve endings of the female clitoris until 8 years ago? No wonder everyone is so clueless about female sexuality!" There'd be ideas about screening for post-partum depression, or understanding words about the painfulness of newborn colic.

The point is that we Catholics are empathic, but we're not complacent! Good sex and marriage go together. We hot women were made for love--and that includes sex when we get married. Why settle for all the work of a demanding vocation and so little of the rewards?

That's sort of how I feel about this book review. Confused.

To me, having fun and hanging out with kids easily go together. It's like the paring of milk and cookies. It's a truism to say "Parenting isn't always fun." Duh! Morning sickness, teething and teenage mood drama. Yet here an author makes a declarative statement. There is "NO fun in parenting." She expects us all to agree.

I'm not.

If you're not having any fun while raising your children, I'm sorry, but you're doing it wrong.

Having fun together is an inherent part of the job description of Motherhood.

Watching my kid pick her nose while standing next to our serene picture of the Virgin Mary (in a place on top of a chair where she's not supposed to be) is funny! Holiness and funny going together.
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