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A Shout Out From My Uncle Paul

alec vanderboom

"If I were trying to win man’s approval, I would surely not be serving Christ!"

(Galatians 1:11, From Today's Morning Prayer Reading)

St. Paul is from the same Jewish family tree as my husband--The Benjamin Clan. I tell my kids, "Whenever you read a Letter from St. Paul, don't think of him as some dusty guy from ancient Palestine. He's our relative. His advice is always fresh and current. Read his words like they are an email from a beloved uncle!"

I personally struggle with what I've nicknamed my "St. Peter denial of Christ problem." I know the right action deep in my heart, but I struggle with continuing that right action against negative peer pressure. It's sort of the Achilles heel of my sanguine temperament.

St. Paul did NOT have that trouble. I'm thinking of adopting his words as a mantra the next time I face social pressure. I say it with good humor, like a funny inside joke. "Duh, Abigail! If you're trying to be popular, you would so NOT choose to be a servant of Christ. Social shaming comes with the territory!"

Happy Sunday!