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TERRA NOVA (A Pro-Life TV Show)

alec vanderboom

I'm not a usual Sci-Fi fan, but this TV series, which is new on Netflix, is totally thrilling. In the year 2159, a "family is four." A couple is not allowed to have more than two children. A tough Chicago cop and his doctor wife, defy the population rules and have a third child. They are caught and the Dad is put into jail. He escapes from prison to rejoin the family as they emigrate to a new colony "Terra Nova."

Through some kind of space/time wormhole thing, the colony is actually in the past--during the Dinosaur times. It's like Jurassic Park meets Lost meets Sci Fi thriller. There is tons of entertainment stuff for the whole family. (Note there are scenes of dinosaurs eating people which somehow doesn't freak out my 6 year old who is usually scared of everything--I guess because dinosaurs don't exist now? So please preview this show yourself before sharing with young kids).

My favorite thing is the writing. There are these beautiful lines of dialogue about deep inner truths of family life that sort of float up above all the chaotic dinosaur chasing scenes. Because Sci-Fi such an unfamiliar genre for me, I see the similarities to my own life with such clarity. I walk away from watching this TV show really feeling strengthen in my vocation of marriage.

Send me an email if you are a fan of this show too!