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I love being Catholic! It's so practical!

alec vanderboom

I just got off the phone with a beloved priest from my old parish. Father Doug walks the streets in Washington DC offering free mental health to the homeless. He was calling to check in with my family because he loves us. (He put Tessy's picture in his prayer book and prayed for her every day after the NICU) I told him about an incident in my neighborhood that made me fearful to be walking alone in the early morning. Father Doug tells me "Oh, I've got just the thing for that!"

I totally expected Father Doug to give me a sugary prayer to my Guardian Angel. Instead he gives me this completely secular trick to get out of sticky situations-- make a fake call on my cell phone. He said "I've been in scary situations in Downtown DC, and I've excused myself very gently "Excuse me, I need to take this call." Then he walks away. He says no one ever bothers him. He says the cellphone acts "like a light" that scares the bad guys away. It was so different from the speech I expected to get, the contrast made me laugh!

I really enjoy talking about my little daily troubles with good Catholic priests. I've got so much great advice from very wise and kind men. There are so many great men who are interested in protecting me, guiding me, and encouraging me in this spiritual walk. My new friend Heidi said that after coming back from a great Adoration session she thought "Why doesn't everyone want to become Catholic?" That's how I feel after every funny/real/loving conversation I have with a priest. "Hey, they are handing out free adoptive Dads who adore you over here! Who wouldn't want to become a Catholic?"