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Why I Love My Husband

alec vanderboom

This recent cold snap hit while we're transitioning our home from an ancient 1950s oil heating furnace to these new eco-friendly heating units. Our house got down to 60 degrees for two days.

Last night, I spent the bulk of my husband's remaining bonus money on getting new electric heaters in Hagerstown.  (Now it's a balmy 69 degrees!) As I plunked down the debit card at Lowe's, I thought "there goes our March plans."  I figured that if the March for Life wasn't out because of the freezing temperatures on Friday, it was no out because of our lack of money.

Yet the irrepressible Mr. Benjamin is on the case. Here's the email I just got from him:

"OK $40 for gas, $10 for misc food. No metro: too expensive. Pack cooked cold hotdogs, PB&J, cake, and what ever else we can find. I will drop you off at the building museum and search for a parking place or we can stick together."

A $50 budget, so we March tomorrow!

(You all envy us our cold hotdogs tomorrow, right? All for you Mary!)