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Beverly's Full House (playlist)

alec vanderboom

Wow, I could relate to this scene. A fashion model grandmother's very first words to her daughter and new grandbaby is "she's an ugly baby like you." The random people around the daughter tell her "you just took it the wrong way." The daughter is being so sensitive and ridiculous.

Here's the things, these little cruelties are not in isolation. The stuff that comes out when a new granddaughter joins a family tree is usually big and insightful. I could really relate to the daughter saying "I just want to know why (my Mom) wants to hurt me so that I could apologize." Her husband says "lets just be around people who love us. Lets focus on our daughter and our life together."

The story of the mother-daughter bond running into trouble is as common as rivers that run into the sea. The story of a mother-daughter relationship going smoothly is rare. I think we've got Ruth and Naomi in the Old Testament, and they weren't even biologically related!