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Welcome Baby Abigail Clare

alec vanderboom

Oh my goodness! I'm still totally overwhelmed at all the grace that I received on Wednesday! My c-section was actually a holy, happy experience. Little Abigail Clare is here. Born 9:39 AM Wednesday, March 21. 20 inches long and 8.1 pounds. (Hopefully, my  husband can figure out how to post pictures of her pretty face to this blog soon). She's so funny. She's looks way more like me, than any of my tall, blonde older children. She's a full two pounds smaller than all of our other babies, the doctors were laughing that her parents counted 8 pounds as "small." She's so feisty, right out of the womb. Right away, we knew we had to change her name to match mine. She's totally a chip off the old block!

Her cool trick is to turn herself completely beet red at the slightest annoyance. The first night she earned the affectionate nickname "Chili Pepper". Needless to say, breastfeeding this precious daughter is a little interesting to say the least. So far she looks 100% healthy. They even did a special x-ray session to rule out the birth defect that older sister Tess suffered from last year.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers!!!! They really helped. Hope to write more of little Abigail's beautiful birth story when Miss Chili Pepper herself is napping.