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A Special Package

alec vanderboom

Yeah! A special package came in the mail from a fellow Catholic Smithee today . (I don't need to tell you that this is a rare combination). I got a special fourth class relic from St. Gerard Majella, patron saint of expectant mothers. I put my special handkerchief on my belly and Baby Clare immediately started jumping around! I'm going to take it in to the surgery with me (Jon offered to hold for me) along with my trusty Brown Scapular and plastic rosary beads. I'm super excited that I've got extra grace to heal faster from my c-section. Thanks so much C.H.!

Do any of my regular readers/in real life friends want to be in on the happy telephone calls after Clare's birth? I don't think I'm going to have internet access in the Hospital, which is a bummer. Still, I love going over all the amazing details on the phone with a new baby in my arms. I realized sadly as I was updating my contact list, other than her parents and four siblings, Miss Clare does not really have a very large excited fan club breathlessly awaiting her birth. Which is sort of sad because its even MORE miraculous that a fifth child is coming into the world, rather than a first or second. Oh well.

As her Mama, I'm excited about her birth. Thank you all dear readers much for all of your prayers and best wishes.