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Update On My Babymoon

alec vanderboom

Baby Tess has been home for a week. I still feel like I'm in the concluding scenes of a Lifetime movie. I keep hearing the swell of an orchestra whenever I do something normal such as take the baby for a walk in her stroller or change her diaper.

Yes, I'm still excited to hear the telltale noises than mean Baby Tess has just pooped. When Tess is 35 and dropping by my house for a visit, I could very well still be the nut who exclaims "Praise God and Dr. Q!" whenever I hear her flush the toilet. Twelve days of sobbing over "no poop after serious abdominal surgery" by a baby's listless body in the NICU leaves a deep impression.

I've decided that one of the outcomes of Tess' scary heart surgery, is that I'm now a much more relaxed mother of four. Whenever all the kids start crying while dinner boils over on the stove- I keep repeating my new chill Mama mantra, "This is NOT a true emergency! No one currently has a PICC line in their heart."

Jon, has also repeated the "Is this a real emergency? Who has the PICC line in her heart?" to his super stressed colleagues at work. The chill out mantra is working for him, too.

Having a daughter who is age 7, means that I have a built in nanny. I love it!

Daughter age 3 is also super helpful and very hilarious. She loves to read books to the baby like her older sister. Her favorite book to read to the baby is her picture dictionary. "Baby Teresa, this is an alligator. Alligators have big teeth." When middle daughter got to the picture of an ant, I started laughing. "Baby Teresa, this is a bug. Bugs can get big. When they get big, they chase after people and EAT them." (Think big brother has been watching just a tad to many science fiction cartoons on Netflix during this babymoon.)

I'm currently one daughter short of a perfect scene from "Little Woman." I'm reading that book to Baby Teresa during my babymoon and it fits my mood perfectly.