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alec vanderboom

I took Baby Tess to her routine follow-up appointment with her abdominal surgeon at Children's Hospital today. Dr. Q, is the most laid-back doctor on the planet. He told us that our family is the exact mirror of his family in Pakistan. He is the only brother in a family of four, with kids spaced out exactly same as our family.

He gave us some instructions about Baby Tessie's incision care. Then he asked about the results of her chromosome test. (40% of all infants with doudenum atresia also have Down Syndrome). I told him that the results of her test hadn't come in before we left the NICU last week. Dr. Q said he'd check on the results and left the room to use another type of computer.

Dr. Q was missing for a long time.

Jon started playing charades with three restless older kids. I paced the small room with Baby Tess. I started to prepare my heart for the worse.

"This is it. Nice Dr. Q is going to come in here and tell me that my baby has Down Syndrome. Get prepared. Things will still be okay."

Fifteen minutes later, Dr. Q entered the room with an ashen face. "Your baby had a PICC line stuck in her HEART? What happened? How did they get that thing OUT?"

Turned out my baby's chromosome test was completely normal. Dr. Q couldn't stop reading in horrid fascination all that Baby Tess had undergone AFTER she stopped being his surgical patient.

Glad to know that I didn't overact over that minor heart procedure last week. That cardio team at Children's Hospital is incredible. They even amaze their own colleagues!