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Another Advantage of Daily Mass

alec vanderboom

Confession is a snap at 6:30 AM Mass. At least 3 times a week, sometimes more, our presiding priest heads over to the confessional after Mass. There is barely a line. Any time, Jon or I feel the least bit off our Catholic game we can nip into confessional in the morning.

On Tuesday morning we stopped by after feeling a little wretched after the green envy incident. Father Avelino gave me two great pieces of advice.

First, "We receive the Lord on our tongues. Therefore the Tempter will always try to make that place unworthy by tripping us into gossip and uncharitable speech. We must always be on guard for that. We must always make our tongues a suitable throne for the Lord."

Ahh, don't you just love that image?

Second, "why waste your time in envy. Think of your gifts and your blessings. In Faith, we are all spiritual millionaires!

Spiritual millionaires. That phrase also stayed with me all day. I feel like a rich girl when I consider that I've got the opportunity to hit Mass with my entire family each day, I've got lovely priests who are eager to clean off my soul whenever it gets the least speck of dirt. I feel rich when I hit the free kid movies with my rosary group girls and then get to discuss theology over raspberry tea at in impromptu Lunch.
I may spend my mornings working hard as a laundress, but I'm also a Lady who Lunches with the Catholic Saints for breakfast and aspiring Saints at noon. For that I'm so grateful!