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Christmas 2007

alec vanderboom

This year we tried out a number of new Christmas Traditions. Here's a list of things I'd do again:

-We burned the last of our advent candles down while saying a family rosary on Christmas Eve. In the morning I traded the purple & pink candles for fresh white candles.

-The kids & I made cupcakes for Jesus' birthday and blew up balloons.

-I sang at Midnight Mass. Jon stayed home with the kids and watched Mass with our beloved Pope.

-In the morning we opened only the stockings. Then we got dressed for church.

-We attended Christmas Morning Mass, instead of Christmas Eve. What a happy difference.

-We opened presents after we got home for church.

-I got the large shrimp tray. Thank goodness because I ended skipping cooking the main meal. (Or duck a'la orange is happily frozen for New Years Day.)

Things I didn't get done, but wish I did:

-Family Picture Christmas Cards

-Baking Christmas Cookies

-Finished Maria's needlepoint stocking before she learns how to read (this year she had to use her Dad's stocking)

-Praying the Antiphons all seven nights, not just for five.

Things I never want to do again:

-Go to five stores looking for the right size of rechargable batteries