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Happy Birthday Jesus

alec vanderboom

For those of you who didn't receive our traditional Target Foto Card this year, (that would be everyone!)

The girls as we left for Christmas Mass, where Hannah got to talk to my choir's 16 year old harpist, play her harp, and hold the baby Jesus during Father's homily.

Daddy & Maria. (Unfortunately, of the 900 photos we snapped before Mass, none of Alex are post worthy. Little boys & chocolate filled St. Nicholas stockings do not mix!)

After Mass, there was the long awaited Butterscotch! Hannah's on the phone thanking Grandpa Rupp the giver of the "it gift" this Christmas.

At 12 PM, It was time to open presents. Daddy finally got new shoes! Snake skin shoes I found on sale at Macy's was my gift to Jon. I wish I could post the PERFECT romantic gift my husband got me. He designed these darling "free sounding board" coupons which I can redeem for "one free session of uninterrupted listening. Once the coupon is redeemed for services, the listener must drop everything he is doing. He may not tend to the children, eat or prepare food, channel serf, answer the telephone or clean, unless you, the recipient directs otherwise. This session will last as long as the recipient designates." Can you tell what I most desire as a stay-at-home mom? Not more help with laundry or food prep. No, it would be more uninterrupted adult conversation with my best friend!

After three years of endless Thomas the Train Sets & Barbie Doll Birthday gifts, Mom finally helps unwrap a gift she wants to play with!
Baby's First Christmas

And to all a good night!