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I blog about my Catholic faith, my prayer life, good books and good movies.

Embracing Being Lonely

Abigail Benjamin

It's Lent. It's a time of being in the desert. I'm pretty addicted to the fame drug. I like to be liked. I like to have my work noticed and praised. I like to have my character noticed and praised. I like to meet new people and enjoy new ideas and new experiences.

The desert is lonely. The desert is monotonous. The desert is anonymous. It's good to be here mentally for six weeks.

The most important thing I do as an artist is to take creative risks. The most important thing I do as a wife is to learn how to be consistent. The best thing I do as a Mom is to stay calm. The most essential thing in my faith journey as a Christian is to resolve my internal lack of trust issues with God.

All of those actions happen easier when I wean myself off the "fame drug." Life is easier when I start to move from an internal place of thoughtful conviction, rather than racing around trying to frantically copy the behaviors of the society around me.