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United States


Freedom of Speech

alec vanderboom

My heart is in Paris today. My husband said "It's really bad when the terrorist are going against France and Canada?" It's like we almost expect it to go against America and Great Britain. When poor, peaceful Canada is attacked it feels like the world is extra nutty.

This week my husband and I watched "The Interview" which is the movie from Sony that an internet hacker from either North Korea or a disgruntled domestic employee threatened 9/11 style attacks if it was released in a public movie theater. We bought it for $5.99 off our cable movie options.

It felt like an important act of Protest to buy this movie the first week it became available. I'm not usually a Seth Rogen fan, but I am a fan of Free Speech.  We're already getting journalists beheaded in the Middle East. I don't want Hollywood to fall victim to fear of making comedies about Dictators.