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Why I Homeschool

alec vanderboom

I've got a second grader in my house who dreams of being a French pastry chef. No one in my extended family really enjoyed cooking before she appeared in my house. I have pictures of her turning up her nose at her one year old birthday cake. At the time, I thought she didn't like chocolate. Now I know her palate rejects grocery store bought cake--only the serious homemade cake will do. Now she is gleefully making up original recipes like chocolate and lime cake.

For history this year, we have studied famous chefs from around the world. Did you know the head White House Chef is a woman for the first time ever? Did you know that there is a special club for all the chefs of the Chief heads of State?  Or that Abraham Lincoln told a famous campaign story involving gingerbread men?

I love the challenge of making academic studies relevant to my kids. My kids ask such interesting questions. In the age of the internet, it only takes a few clicks find detailed answers for them. Curiosity comes from the Latin word "to care." It's a grace to be this involved in the day to day support of my daughter's development.