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A New Play about Prayer and Service

alec vanderboom

I haven't heard anyone talking about this new Off-Broadway play, but it looks fantastic. Playwrites Horizons is a non-profit theater in New York City which is committed to producing work from new American playwrites. Writer Heidi Schreck wrote a new play called "Grand Concourse" which is about a 40 year old nun running a Soup Kitchen who starts to pray in front of a microwave while she struggles with fatigue with her vocation.

The play deals with questions of service, prayer, and compassion fatigue. I was excited to see the playwrite cite several examples of some of my favorite Catholic writers in her work. Here is her description of her writing process. "I am not a Catholic. I am a Presbyterian-raised agnostic, but discovering Dorthy Day was a watershed moment for me and lead me to study (and revere) a number of other great Catholic women, among them Flannery O'Connor, Hildegard von Beingen, Sister Mary Corita Kent and Juilana of Norwich."

Whoa! When is the last time Hildegard von Beingen and Juliana of Norwich got admiration points from an American playwrite?

I might not agree with all the political opinions raised by the progressive nun who is the main star in this play, but I find the main theme itself fascinating.

New York City is only 4 hours from me. I might have to find a way to get there to see the play before it closes in December. If anyone has seen this play in person and has a review, could you send me an email.

St. Theresa of Avila, pray for us! We need to more good Art with these deep themes!