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Baby Update

alec vanderboom

I definitely have a preemie. (His weight was so large at birth, I hoped the doctors just got his original due date wrong. I didn't even have gestational diabetes or anything. I only mixed genes with a husband who was over 11 pounds at his own birth!)

I'm really blessed that my son doesn't have breathing problems. The pediatrician from the hospital called my son a "miracle baby" because he'd never seen a kid with as high respiration rates after birth calm himself down to a normal range without supplemental oxygen or a NICU stay. I hated spending time in the hospital during my pregnancy, but now I'm so thankful I got two steroid shots to help my son's lung development at 33 weeks.

My son's main problem right now is his immature liver. We've had blood draws almost every day that we've left the hospital. He's out of the "danger" level right now, but not yet in the "normal" range. So life is good, but not totally relaxed yet.

There are so many ideas I want to write about, but finding the time is elusive right now. It might be a couple of weeks before this blog is updated. Thank you for all of your kind emails!