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Barbie: The Pearl Princess - Digital HD Trailer

alec vanderboom

My favorite Home School accessory this year is our Barbie "Pearl Princess" CD. Last year, my one year old made teaching school a nightmare. She's one of these super curious PBS kids who could create a mini tornado whenever she was left alone for 20 minutes. In June we went through 5 Redbox videos while driving to the Beach. This movie was on the bottom of the pile. I think it breaks every rule my husband and I have for movie watching. There is immodesty and magic. There is no plot and really annoying music. It's "Barbie." This is the movie choice, I'd never usually grab for my kids--except that my Toddler LOVES this movie! This is her film. There is something about water, and long hair, and dolphins swimming together that equals great entertainment in her eyes. My kid watched this entire film happily after being strapped into her car seat for more than three hours.

While we were school shopping at Target this summer, I happily paid full price for this DVD. It's great to have as a back up. If someone needs me to give them extra tutoring for school and the little girls (4 and 2) are starting to melt down, out comes the Pearl Princess CD.

The thing I've most embraced as the Mother of Six is to become more flexible in my parenting. My husband and I are both media snobs. We read the "good stuff" to our kids and watch "good movies." Yet not all kids movies meet the artistic standard of "Frozen." There is a place in life for "Barbie Pearl Princess". God bless all the animators who worked on this movie because they saved my sanity this Home School Year.