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How A Writer Celebrates Shrove Tuesday!

alec vanderboom

Forget the pancakes. Today I'm gorging on reading lots of great posts before I start my mild internet fast for Lent.

If your a Mom who struggles with insecurity please read this great post from Brianna.

You don't have to have the cross of infertility yourself to get tears of recognition from this joyful post about embracing Christ's plan for your life in this post by Karey.

 If you are planning to hit more Daily Masses this Lent with little ones in tow, please remember to adjust your expectations. "Mass is not supposed to be a Day Spa Experience" to paraphrase the lovely, and ever funny, Dwija.

Fasting from reading is hard, but creating your own stuff is better! Get inspired to create more this Lent. Read this call to arms from Matching Moonheads.

As always, great thanks to Leila for gathering up all the good stuff for me on her ever amazing blog roll.