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Divergent: The Movie Goer

alec vanderboom

I loved this movie! I guess I'm in the minority--but I saw this film as nothing but fun for the whole family. We're readers in my house. My husband read Divergent to the kids at bedtime. I fought to get my husband to agree to let our six year old attend a PG movie because I knew she would be brokenhearted if she had to stay home with the "little kids". I made the right call. This was not a scary or bloody movie. Way less violence than the Hunger Games.

This movie is really fun. The female heroine is compelling. Beatrice is complex--vulnerable and tough. My kids really enjoyed watching her succeed. I enjoyed the whole "test" process as reminding myself how ridiculously seriously I took the SAT at age 18.

I'd totally recommend taking your teenager to this movie. Go out for coffee afterwards and talk about which faction you'd join. It's a great jumping off movie to talk about the nebulous topic of "self identity." We need more coming of age stories that are easily relatable by both young women and young men.