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Redecorating for the New Year

alec vanderboom

In June 2011, we moved into our first house. It was a tough year. I had hard pregnancy and then poor Abigail Clare had awful colic and infant reflux for the next 8 months. I felt like I had two weeks to calmly unpack after our move and the rest of the time was spent in survival mode. I had such "designer frustration." There were so many ugly things in my house that wanted attention, but I couldn't figure out how to make that happen. I got grumpy. I started to complain a lot.

On Dec 31, 2012 (my 38th birthday) Jon and I started our long list of remodeling projects. We had almost no money and almost no time. Sometimes, it felt like remodeling was hopeless undertaking.

Yet in the past two weeks, since my 39th Birthday, I can't believe how quickly things have fallen into place. It has been effortless. Really great design solutions have appeared out of thin air. I joke that Jesus is "throwing down" for us.

I'm so grateful that this project took some time. It's a better result, than if I got everything fixed "just so" weeks after I moved in. I hope I carry this lesson of hope and perseverance into other aspects of my life.