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Happy Thanksgiving!

alec vanderboom

What a great day. Food and Prayer, my favorite combo! Today, we picked up our turkey from our local Amish Meat Market. I was so happy to have a fresh, organic, locally sourced turkey for less than a frozen Butterball at Wal-mart. I love being a foodie on the cheap.

This was the weekend of movies. I took my older three kids to opening night of "Catching Fire," the new Hunger Games movie. They felt like such teenagers. They made up this cool secret handshake in the parking lot and then taught it to me, their Mom. I was laughing at my private joke that it doesn't matter how hip you look in your jean jacket, willingly talking to your Mom in the movie theater parking lot is proof positive that you are not yet a teenager. Someday, I will be totally uncool as their chaperone. For now, I appreciate every second.

Today, we took all five kids to see Disney's "Frozen." A really great movie. I usually zone out during animation flicks, but this was a thoughtful, funny musical that beats out Beauty and the Beast. When we finished Frozen, we walk out into our first snowfall of the season. Perfect timing!

Hope every enjoys Thanksgiving tomorrow! Happy First Day of Hanukkah! Advent starts December 1st!