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T for Tess!

alec vanderboom

My daughter Tess is about to turn 3 next week. She is such a talker! She has a huge vocabulary and the way she puts words together is so interesting. She likes to say "The baby in your tummy is going to be my friend!" I think that is so sweet. The new baby isn't going to be "her sister" or "her brother." Instead he (or she) is going to be "her friend!"

Just a few weeks ago, I had the joy of sharing her own story of the NICU stay. We were looking at the scar on her tummy, which I'm so affectionate about now, and I said "that's the cut where the Doctor's saved your life!" She was finally old enough to start to really understand what happened. Now she says "I was sick, but the doctors saved my life! Now, I good! Now, I strong!"

Every anniversary of her birthday and three week NICU stay is so amazing now. I'm so happy I'm healed enough that the memories of her NICU stay make me feel grateful, instead of scared. God bless all those amazing doctors and nurses at Children's Hospital in Washington DC.