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Slowing Down

alec vanderboom

I used to be semi-embarrassed by the first trimester fatigue and morning sickness. I felt like "real women" sucked on raw ginger, used acupuncture, up chucked in one of those airplane sickness bags discretely tucked in her purse--and kept moving on her same daily schedule pre-pregnancy.

This time around I'm sort of wallowing in my slowness. I'm scheduling time for each kid to come and cuddle with me in my bed and watch TV shows on Hulu together. I just finished watching Jennifer Lawrence's appearance on Saturday Night Live with my 8 year old son. This was his first experience with the show that is so perfectly formatted for an eight year old boy who loves acting and practical jokes.

Every season of life has its blessings. This season I'm playing a lot of tickling games with my younger girls because it lets me lay still on my bed. I'm taking long walks with my husband to help the nausea pass. The 10, 8 and 6 year old are stepping up more with household chores. I'm encouraging everyone to work more independently in their school work.

It's a grace to start to see the changes that early pregnancy bring my life as a blessing instead of a problem to be endured in the journey to having a new baby.