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Living the Carmelite Life While Traveling

alec vanderboom

This is so funny, I had to share. So we had a $150 gift card for food included in our free hotel stay. That's almost 2 weeks of groceries for my family of 7. So when I booked this trip during a "lean month" financially, I thought we'd be okay. Right before our trip, I looked at the dinning menu. $50 per dinner entree! Because this is a nice resort, right? I totally freaked out about food. I didn't have any extra money to cover our food costs during this trip. I worried about it for 2 weeks. But God had my back.

My husband and I decided we'd use the gift card to have one nice meal in the hotel dining room without worrying about the cost. Then we ate oatmeal and granola bars for the rest of the weekend. It was so fun. My big romantic idea was having an indoor picnic for $9 with canned salmon, cream cheese, discounted rye bread, a small bag of pistachios. Poverty means creativity. Life as a Carmelite is fun!
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