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On the Bookshelf--Rebecca Frech

alec vanderboom

If you homeschool, then June 1, 2013 could be a huge day for you. That is the day Rebecca Frech's new homeschool book, "Teaching in Your Tiara: A Homeschooling Book for the Rest of Us" goes on sale at I think it's going to cost around $9.49 for paperback, $5.99 for the kindle edition. It's an affordable impulse buy even for me, a poor Carmelite. Get impulsive about healing your inner teacher heart. Buy it!

This book is for the nervous future homeschooler. Buy it if your oldest kid is still only blowing bubbles of sound and not actual sentences yet. This book is for the novice homeschooler. Buy it if public school was miserable this year and you want to explore another option. Alternatively, this book is perfect for the veteran homeschooler of many years.

"Teaching in Your Tiara" is a Soup to Nuts explanation of how to educate your child at home. It is an obsessively complete 360 degree viewpoint of the homeschool process. It's great for beginners because Frech's encouraging tone is the perfect invitation you need to sit down and prayerful start discerning this process in your heart. It's great for veterans because Frech's attention to detail will help any teacher answer some of those nagging questions that are still confusing even after many years of teaching.

Please buy this book most of all because Frech is funny! My public soundtrack to silently reading Frech's unique style is giggles, titters, whoops, howls, snorts and the ubiquitous "she did not just say that!" Frech is an amusing writer. Her unique voice stands out among all the other "How To" Homeschooling manuals that are already out there.

I hate reading homeschooling books in general. Yet I adore this one. I hope this is the first of many of Frech's books I have the pleasure of collecting, savoring, and rereading on a doubtful "Why Am I Doing This Anyway?" kind of day.