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Notes From the Road

alec vanderboom

Some random notes from my head.

1. I'm working on a longer writing project. It's going really well. It hard to get kick-started somedays, but it's really relaxing to write long pieces. I feel like I can get a flow going in my writing more than when I'm writing choppy blog pieces.

2. All that writing means this blog is very neglected.

3. This is the calmest I've ever been before a homeschool review. May 20th is the big day.

4. I finally got organized at the encouragement of my husband.  I created a Mom's notebook with everything in my life filed into a 3 ring binder. Of course, I regularly misplace my notebook inside my house. Then I freak out because everything that I urgently need is now hopelessly lost. This step forward in organization is causing me more anxiety and not less. Yet I'm persevering in the hope that someday, I will be better at this task.