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Prayer Update--Little Emma

alec vanderboom

Breaking into my Lentan Fast, to say Thanks so much for your prayers for Little Emma.

On Christmas Eve on of my daughter's four year old friends from Sunday School was involved in a horrific car accident and sustained massive head trauma. At last update a few weeks ago, we were overjoyed Emma was starting to lick a lollipop.

I got to chat with her Dad tonight at a Boy Scout event. Emma is now doing amazing! She's talking up a storm. She got her g tube out. She got into the pool last week. Emma is a fish and met my daughter on Swim Team last year. When we were praying for her to make it back to Swim Team in May back over New Years Eve that seemed like a miracle long shot. At that point, Emma was a few hours away from facing a near death complication on Christmas Day. Now she's in a the pool for rehab!

She's got six to ten weeks before she can come home. I can't imagine how tired her Mom is right now. Emma's rehab hospital is 3 1/2 hours from home. So she's living full time with her in Morgantown while her other children go to school and her husband works during the week. She's only able to see her entire family on the weekend. So thank you so much for your continued prayers!