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Writing Help Need--Topic: Exploring Voluntary Poverty as a Modern American Family

alec vanderboom

Dear readers,

The blog is going to be messy for a while. I'm working on a writing project. Sometimes hazy unfinished sketches help me get better clarity for my writing. Thanks in advance for your patience.

 If you love these last few posts--I'd like to know your questions. What are you afraid of? What encourages you? How to you feel to be out-of-sync with your neighbors, your extended families and even other Catholic friends? What helps you? What hurts you?

Basically everything.

I used to make peppermint tea in my dorm room at Smith and invite new people to come talk to me.

So this is an interesting topic to you, come chat over tea! (All emails are confidential)

To: You

From: Me

An invite to tea and email. (Tea is critical to good conversation of the heart. Go brew a cup before you start writing to me).

abigail dot b dot benjamin at gmail dot com