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"Space Babies" 2014 Kia Sorento Big Game Ad

alec vanderboom

We're advertising gurus around here. My husband is in marketing, and it runs in the genes. So the tradition in our home is on Super Bowl Monday the kids and I all gather around the computer and watch all the Super Bowl Ads together while taking a break from homework.

My kids adored this commercial. We kept repeating this one.

Then my son said "Mom, why was the Dad embarrassed to answer the question about where babies come from?"

I started explaining this cultural tradition about embarrassment about the "where do babies come from" question, and 3 kids under the age of ten look at me with complete puzzlement. "Why?"

Then I start thinking, "Why is it embarrassing?" And then "the kid looks old and his baby sibling looks young, so what--he didn't notice his Mom's tummy getting bigger for 9 months."

It's like in these moments I realize how weird our American culture is sometimes. My kids hit these common cultural references and suddenly they don't get it.

My husband and I are still having babies--so all of my kids above age 2 know where babies come from--Mommy's tummy. My older 2 know that "Mom and Dad's have a special hug" where the ova and the sperm meet. Now they don't know the fine mechanics of the hug---and I'm fine with them not learning the profane names for this act---so if they ran into a dirty minded kid on the playground, they probably would be just as dumbfounded as the kid in the video.

All the same,  my three kids ages 9 to 5, still don't get the punchline to this video. Why is the kid's natural question about human biology so embarrassing that his Dad needs a distracting song to change the subject? My husband calmly answers the "where do babies come from" question all of the time.

Thank you Jon for being a great Dad!