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Prayers for the Inauguration

alec vanderboom

Today is President Obama's Official Inauguration. I was a History Major in College. These used to be a big deal for me. Today--I'm just so not into politics.

Yet my parish priest laid the guilt on thick during last Sunday's homily. He reminded us how critical it is to pray for our President. He reminded us how that United States Presidency is a totally overwhelming responsibility. We need to pray for President Obama to surround himself with quote "wise counselors" and "to always seek the advice from God first in decisions."

That's a pretty grand prayer. I'm not sure I can get there with a sincere heart today. Yet I can pray that God will bless President Obama. I will have greater sympathy for the trials of his office. I will extend greater respect to the man and to the office. (Sorry, for all those mean quips on Facebook during the election God and President Obama. I'll try to do better in 2013).

My job is to do three things in my prayerful heart today. I've got love President Obama and wish the best for him. I need to pray for the upcoming March for Life on Friday. I need to have greater trust that my little hidden work inside this insignificant Catholic Family--is important and is changing the America I love for the better.

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