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My Media Interview with a March for Life Participant

alec vanderboom

My Interview With Mimi (age 5)

(Question) What did we do today?

(Answer) We marched and we had a cookie and we went to a shop that had hot cocoa.

(Q) Where did we go?
(A) I don't remember

(Q) Was it close or far away
(A) Far Away

(Q) Why did we March?
(A) We want to change the law and we want the babies to stay alive and that's all.

(Q) How many people were at the March?
(A) More than a hundred.  They were carrying good signs about babies. I don't know about the signs because I can't read them. Oh, and people said prayers.

(Q) Anything else you want to say?
(A) That I love babies. I like babies that are Abby size* and babies that are smaller.

*her 10 month old sister.