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An Unusual Thank You Note

alec vanderboom

"No one will ever thank you for praying your Morning Prayers" my leader told me when I started at Carmel. "You'll never see you name listed in the church bulletin. You'll never get a special plaque with your name engraved on it thank you for your volunteer service for time you spend in prayer."

Wouldn't that be funny if at a wedding or a priest's ordination, they asked all the prayer warriors to please stand and said "these are the people who helped make this great event happen?"

So I wanted to send an open thank you note.

Thank you for your praying!

Prayer changes things. Prayer makes you more wise. Prayer makes you more pure. Prayer makes you more sensitive. Prayer heals. Prayer helps the surgeons do the big scary heart surgeries on little bitty babies. Prayer heal the scrapes and bruises of everyday home-life.

Prayer gives you more courage. Prayer infuses you with Hope. Prayer makes you funny, and easy going, and kind.

Prayer makes you a friend of God.

God made us for himself. He made us to be his companions. That friendship doesn't start in heaven when our souls go to live with Him forever--that friendship starts here on earth. God loves us. God likes us.

Thank you for keeping our mutual friend Jesus company today in prayer.