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The Honor of Being My Kid's Mom (Part I)

alec vanderboom

It's a special nails on the chalk board feeling I get whenever my priest calls children "the future of the church." I say agitated under my breath--"Kids ARE a part of our church! They matter right now, in the present!"

Here's a picture of my little red head! Here is my Maria, age 5, dressed up as St. Margaret of Scotland (the real life Brave Saint) hugging a friend at the All Saint's Day party. Today we had another special Children's Event at our parish. Afterwards, another friend's mother came up to me and said "Our daughters have a special bond..." I nodded my head and something like "Oh, all the girls are so cute together, aren't they?"

The Mom corrected me, "No, my daughter has a special bond with your daughter. Every Sunday morning she gets dressed and says "Will I get to see Maria at CCD today?" She's so excited when she does and so said when she doesn't. Your daughters the reason mine is so excited to go to chuch each Sunday?"

My Maria? Maria literally has dozens of these types of bonds. I now know of at least two kids that go to CCD class just to hang out more with the "girl with the curls."

I'm inspired to be be my kid's Mom. She IS the face of the Roman Catholic church and she is glorious, just like her true Mother in Heaven!
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