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Pre-Advent Work

alec vanderboom

Got some emotional trauma at Thanksgiving. "He afflicts only to heal" as Tobit says. I got my marching orders for Advent. It's time for perfectionism and vanity to go--I've got too many exciting souls to love to remain constantly hung up on the same old battle wounds.

Watched "Lincoln." Wow.

Watched only the preview of "The Impossible" a true story about a family of five who survived the 2004 Asian Tsunami. Double Wow. Can not wait for that film to appear.

Last night we hosted a new family at our parish who asked us to become their son's Godparents in two weeks. Joanne, this was a direct outreach of my hospitality work.  (I greeted them with a smile for a few weeks and the Mom asked me after a few light conversations). Last night we had them over and fed them meatloaf. In the middle of dinner, we discovered that this toddler is a Children's Hospital NICU Kid the same year as our Teresa!

Can you imagine that coincidence? When Tess was in the hospital, I was praying and praying for all the kids who were unbaptized, to get baptized. Two years later, we are going to become Godparents to a Dr. Bear NICU kid. His Mom is in RCIA too, and I get to be her sponsor!

Please pray for my little godson and his Mom, Lindsey. My godson was a 28 week preemie, who almost died many, many times during his first week of life in 2010. He's totally healthy now. Yet his Mom went through all the NICU drama without any sacraments and understandably has a lot of remaining trauma. Time to get her wounds healed by the Divine Physician.

Blessed Mother, pray for us!