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How I Love Hosea!

alec vanderboom

"For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice,
the knowledge of God rather than burnt-offerings."

Hosea 6: 6, "A Call to Repentance"

Everything this prophet writes is so good for me. God desires a "steadfast love"--that is so hard for me. I'm everything BUT steadfast.

"Knowledge of God" in this passage, suggests to me a "quiet confidence", a stillness in the turmoil and chaotic things of this world. That's bigger than all of the "super-mommy" projects I can come up with or diligent "committee work" I can volunteer for at my church.

God doesn't want me "burnt to a crisp" on Catholic motherhood today! God wants me to show Him a "steadfast love" and a "knowledge of His ways."

St. Teresa of Avila, pray for me to have perseverance today.*

*I'd like to admit that after several tries, I finally had to google how to spell perseverance. I'm a Carmelite who can not spell that holy virtue, let alone demonstrate it regularly in her life!