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Wringing Out My Veil

alec vanderboom

I received scorn at Mass yesterday.

I woke up still in a turmoil about it. The first thing Jesus tells me, "You know, you can just tell the person you have a problem with his actions." That's so revolutionary to me. I don't have to be fake "nice" in Church, or embarrassed that I have a disagreement with someone holy. If I feel strongly about a wrong 24 hours later, I have the option of discussing the matter further in private.

Then during my prayer of the quiet (which felt anything BUT quiet this morning) I got this consoling image. I imagined how much spit Mary Magdalene must have received on her veil during the Crucifixion. That was so surprising to me. Previously, I'd always focused on the brave and noble actions of Mary Magdalene. She stuck it out! She hung by Our Blessed Mother during the goriest part of Jesus' death. She's a hero! (Moreover, she's my hero. I choose my Carmel name in her honor).

Yet obviously, Mary Magdalene didn't get cheers at the time for doing this brave deed. She was hanging out with a criminal. She got spit on. Cursed. Probably shoved around a bit.  When she went home crying from the Crucifixion, she could have wring out her veil with all the spittle she received.

The Mass is real. It's the Crucifixion--only in a timeless form.

If I want to go stand by Jesus on the Cross with my kids, we're going to get shoved around. We're going to be talked about. I'm going to get metaphorical spit thrown on my metaphorical Veil.

When I get home after Mass and  have to wring out my Veil, that's not a problem--Jesus hints to my heart--that's an honor.

St Mary Magdalene, pray for me.