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Rejoice Angela Faddis, Part 2

alec vanderboom

I can not be sad about Angela's death.

There are so many Carmelite friends on Facebook who write "Oh it's such a shame", "Oh it's so sad."

Her death was glorious. I can only hope that I will have that much grace and perseverance at my own death. As for her kids, she left them a far greater legacy than 50 more years of hugs and kisses and Alleluia's sung a Midnight Mass. She died with Christ! Whatever pain they have--and there will be lots, and lots and lots of pain, at the moment of their death, they have their Mom as an inspiration to die well, to die with Christ.

I don't think we reflect enough on the fact that we are all going to die someday.

Some times we parents have to bury a kid. That sucks.
Sometimes a kid will bury a parent at age 3, or 7, or 19, or 37. That sucks too.

Death is always too soon. It's always tragic. Death was not supposed to come into the Original Plan--so this idea that somehow it's more "okay" because it happens to Mothers aged 70 or 85 is a facility. Death always hurts, because Death is not a part of God's plan for our lives.

But Life. The Resurrection.

That is glorious. That is beyond understanding.

When she was diagnosed with terminal cancer at age 31 on Holy Saturday last year, Angela Faddis said "Jesus still rose, and so we trust."

That woman is going to be a recognized Saint someday.

Angela, pray for us. Help us to have your courageous hope!

(A beautiful summary of the high points of Angela's Facebook page are posted in "Angela Faddis, Thank You" from Accepting Abundance.