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Why I Bring My Young Children To Mass

alec vanderboom

This is the new stain glass window that is next to the pew that my family regularily sits in at church. Tess, my 18 month old daughter, looked at this beautiful Nativty scene and said "Baby no kuku" (Kuku is our family's nickame for a pacifier.) Of all of the hardships of Jesus' birth, I'd never thought of him being stuck without a pacifier! But to my toddler, this is just an inconceivable hardship. She gets it in a second, that the baby Jesus had it hard on earth and she generously wants to share her own kuku. This same discussion has happened a few times so far. I'm determined to go buy some nice pacifiers someday and donate them to babies in need--all in honor of my soft-hearted Tess.
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