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Ladies Who Lunch

alec vanderboom

In the middle of this crazy food depravation week, my girls and I were invited to lunch at the American Girls Cafe. My sister lives overseas now and rarely gets to see my girls. This was our first meeting with her in almost a year. I was stunned this morning to see the power of hospitality in full force. Everything in the American Girl cafe is carefull designed to foster peaceful conversations--its a lesson fit for the UN.

The food is super fun. (I was also stunned at how cheap it was too. $7 for a kids meal and $16 for an adult. Considering the high price of everything AG, I expected it to be the price of a French Bistro). The waitresses are extra kind. The special doll high chair and cups are delightful. There were even little conversation cards at the table such as "What is your favorite movie snack?"

Once more, I was reminded at how the extra effort of hospitality can reestablish a soothing atmosphere of peace and goodwill. My girls and I are eventually going to be little UN ambassadors in the world serving pink lemonaid cupcakes and fruit kabobs!
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