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Encouragement for Mothers of Over-Active Boys

alec vanderboom

(The true story of how Michael Phelps' Olympic talent was first recognized at age 12)

"A few months after Bob had been coaching me, he issued orders for a pretty difficult practice, especially for someone my age. When it was over, all the other kids were dragging. They got their towels and clothes slowly. I got out but still had a ton of energy, so much that I kept running to the side of the pool, filling up my cap with water and dumping the water on the kids' heads.  Bob ran over to tell me to knock it off. He told me that if I was still this frisky he could for sure make practice a lot harder.

I said, and Bob has never forgotten this, I will never get tired."

 ( No Limits: The Will to Succeed, by Michael Phelps, pg 105)

I read this passage and as mother my mouth dropped open. My one and only son is often the one causing trouble at events, and I've always cringed with embarrassment. I can't imagine seeing what this loving and astute coach saw--a young boy who never gets tired, a young boy with the potential to become the most winning Gold Medalist in Olympic history.

God bless the energetic boys in our homes and in our parishes!