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Breaking the Fast With Style

alec vanderboom

Exactly at the same moment that I parked my car after the "breaking the nine day grocery fast" Wal-mart trip, a UPS truck pulls in behind me with this special emergency food package from Little Jo Ann. What perfect timing! God basically split the difference. Abigail had to learn how to go nine days without grocery shopping and Little Jo Ann got to share her beautiful hospitality the moment the Benjamin family fast was over.

In a totally random "coincidence", the UPS guy stops his truck for a chat after delivering my package. (I've seen this guy often over the past year and he's never once stopped to talk). "How do you do it with five kids?" he said.

I gave the usual "Oh, I've got my hands full alright" speech and then for some reason I added "and all five of them were c-sections"--which I never, ever mention.

Turns out the UPS guy has four! His wife has all c-sections also. He's got one set of twins, so he was amazed that we were up to five without any twins. I just laughed and said that with 1 1/2 year old twins, they were already broken in so they might as well keep going!

Couldn't believe I got a little pro-life witnessing at the delivery of Little Jo Ann's package.  A perfect "extra" touch for the hidden mother of seven!