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Prayer Works: The Case Study of Dominic G.

alec vanderboom

Last week, I started praying hard for a NICU baby named Dominic. Just like my daughter Tess, he had a small hiccup in his fetal development in the womb which lead to major complications. He's missing a bone in his face which caused his brain to become displaced. The doctors gave this Catholic Mom dire predictions. Her son was either supposed to die in the womb, or at birth, or a few days after his birth.To the secular mind, this was a case were abortion was totally justified.

Instead, Mr. Dominic emerged from the womb "kicking and screaming." Rocky II got a 9 on his APNAR. He's off oxygen. He's eating from a bottle. He is expected to go home on Thursday! Can you imagine?

His Mom wrote a post saying there was a sign she wanted to put around her special needs kid's neck:

This child is fiercely loved; please respect him.
This child has not made me sad, in fact, he has brought more joy than I could ever imagine.
This child is a true gift, not less of a gift in any way because of his health problems, he is an absolute gift.
I am not burdened by this child, in fact he lifts me up to a higher place than I ever imagined. 
Do not feel pity for him or our family, you have no idea what he brings to our lives.
I am not sad about my child, I am so grateful God saw me fit to be his mother, I am honored.
I love this child so much...
The NICU is such a special place. It's the heart of the cross. Please join me in pray for my brother Dominic and his family. During this Fortnight of Prayer, please be encouraged. One mother's act of obedience, one pro-life witness, one heartfelt prayer can turn our country around. Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!

PS Dominic's Daddy's eyes at the birth of his son are arresting. I hope to see joy like that in heaven some day!