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alec vanderboom

Baby Abigail is six weeks old today! Yeah!

Bet you would like a picture. Me too. I have yet to take a single decent photograph of my tiny treasure. I haven't sent out birth announcements because this is the big hang-up--no pretty photo. Anyone have suggestions on cool poses for a floppy newborn?

The anti-reflux meds are helping a lot. Hurrah!

You would think this means we are now sleeping more through the night, but you would be wrong. Allergy season hit. And teething. Tess is now back in my bedroom, wailing like a banshee every few hours whenever her Tylenol dose wears off. How terrible a sleeper is my dear daughter? Lets just say Jon's typical remark at 2 AM is "I'll start praying for Tessy's future husband now!"

Now that we added Baby Abigail, my 4 year old Maria suddenly went from rounding up to the two older siblings to now being the biggest "little" kid.  I love my trio of girls: Maria, (4), Tess (18 months) and Abigail. They are all so much a like--delicate princesses.

We joke that we have "the princess and the pea syndrome". I took five kids alone to the Gap Kids Outlet, nearly lost my mind trying to get them all quiet and organized in the dressing room, only to get home and have my Maria declare that her previously favorite $17.99 purple dress was "itchy". Does anyone else have super sensitive kids like this? There is no hope of getting that dress on her again. (There is a rough seam on her stomach). I was so frustrated. Then I remembered it was an extra grace my Maria has two younger sisters. Tess will soon inherit many clothes with the tags still on them!

My entire life right now is spent breastfeeding. And watching old TV shows on Hulu and Netflix to distract me from the boredom of breastfeeding. I'm currently on Season Five of Army Wives. This show is a step up from "The Good Wife" which I totally got drawn into while recovering from my c-section. (I used to update Jon on the Florricks when he came home from work as if they were real people!) Finally, the whole adultery with Will thing got too much for me and I had to turn it off.

Meanwhile, I had to laugh that "Army Wives" figured out how to follow the entire set up of " The Good Wife" in only three episodes. Creepy partner kisses a married Associate lawyer in office. Wife pushes gross guy off her immediately. Wife tells husband. Wife quits her job. Turns out that its pretty simple to live out the rules of the six commandment in a law office whenever a wife's pure, loving heart is involved! My Jesus, protect me from all stupid sexual drama on TV or in real life.  Anyone have suggestions on what TV show to watch next?

Also, has anyone seen "Winter's Bone?" I'm dying to talk about this movie which I call "Katniss in real life." (The actress from the Hunger Games plays a 17 year old who is dealing with the aftermath of her father's arrest due to crystal meth production). This was a gripping psychological  thriller that I can't get out of my mind. It seems extra haunting because I live in an area where crystal meth is pretty commonplace. God save us. The poor Martinsburg basketball team got sick from staying in a hotel where crystal meth was made during their High School Basketball tournament in the State Capital. (Can you imagine something more ironic than athlethes getting exposed to toxic chemicals while staying in a cheap hotel the night before their big game?) So now I'm praying extra hard for all addicts to meet the healing arms of my Jesus this week!

My girl is up. Catch you all later!