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True Charity

alec vanderboom

There are church friends who bring you a new baby meal.

Then there are church friends who throw your five year old a birthday party at their house because your newborn has colic.

My Maria has TWO birthday parties at other people's homes this month. We went to the first "butterfly" birthday party today. Darling! Next week, she's having a "cake boss" birthday. I commissioned a new acquaintance at church to bake a birthday cake for my Maria. Out of the blue she said "So your little girl loves to bake? Does she want to come here and I'll help her make fondant hearts and butterflies for her birthday cake?" I said "Can I bring gift bags for all of your children and call it her fifth birthday party?"

If you're wondering what to get a Mom of multiple kids who already has lots of baby clothes--throw a birthday party for the new baby's older sibling. True heaven on earth!