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Anniversary Ideas?

alec vanderboom

(Do not read, Benjamin!)

Imagine you have a husband that you love, an 11th anniversary coming up on June 2nd, guilt about not really celebrating the all important 10th anniversary well because you were in the midst of a painful moving process, next to no money AND a Chilipepper newborn who either has colic/infant reflux/extreme sensitivity which makes her cry for 6 to 8 hours a day.....

What would you do to celebrate a wedding anniversary?

Don't say "nothing", because even though I know my husband and Mr. Jesus would totally let me off the hook--part of me really wants to make this day special. I'm a historian and I get a real kick out of reflecting on the journey we've taken together.

I'm not sure I can do much with food, because either my newborn is great, or she's not. I can't really tell in advance if I'm going to have energy to cook real food for dinner or if its corn dogs in the microwave again.

So I'm thinking about creating some sort of "project" that would document to my husband and my kids what things we've truly accomplished in our marriage. Something that I could work on in the spare time while Miss Chilipepper is asleep. I'm picturing making little collages with photos of each year we've been together. Then taping it to 11 candles.

That way even if we're stuck eating take-out on our anniversary due to whatever emergency can happen with 5 kids under 10, we'll at least have a pretty centerpiece to look at during our dinner.

Does anyone else have other ideas?