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Random Notes from the Field

alec vanderboom

1. We went to our first family outing as a family of seven last night- to our county's "Scout Night." It was wild! Jon had Baby Abigail in the infant carrier and Tess in his arms. We had six paper plates lined up in the buffet line. The best part was that we're such a young family! There are quite a few big families in our area, but everyone has their older kids in middle school or high school. (Meanwhile, my oldest just turned nine three weeks ago.) It was nice feeling like the "young kids" on the block just as my husband is about to turn 40.

2. Have I told you now much I adore the Boy Scouts! My son joined up three months ago and its been nothing but great times. I feel like the Boy Scouts is "home-schooling heaven." Everything so supports our goals for raising a strong Catholic man. I just say "hmmm, there is a badge for pet care! Perhaps you can walk the dog without arguing for a week, and you can earn your badge!" They hand out badges for computers, art and math! Not to mention "knife skills" and "religion." Equally fun times for Dad and son.

3. Pray for us! I've got to find something equally as great for my girls. It seems a little confusing choosing between the imperfect Girl Scouts and the untested "American Heritage Girls". I might even start my own troop at my church.

4. I think Baby Abigail has reflux. This would be kid number three with infant reflux for me. I'm ready to try some meds for her next week. The poor kid is so uncomfortable and exhausted. Otherwise, she's just a perfect baby in every way.